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Terms and Sales Conditions


The booking confirmation of services offered by Terra Maya, served by email, implies acceptance of the following conditions by the tour participants.



Any registration shall be done along with the payment of a deposit representing 30% of the total cost of the services plus 100% of the eventual air tickets; receipt of this deposit only implies acceptance of the reservation in cases where places are available. Once the deposit is accepted, the outstanding balance will have to be paid 45 days before the services initiate. On confirmation of your circuit, you will be asked to provide us as soon as possible with information regarding the travellers (names, forenames, birthday, scanned passport copy), so as to ensure the bookings.
Terra Maya cannot be hold for responsible if this information has not been received on time, and if the reservations are impacted.

Changes will be made following your consent.

In case of a trip during the very high season (Christmas, Easter, etc.), special conditions can be applied.



2.1 Before the trip

If the client has to cancel his trip, the paid amounts will be refund subject to the following terms, function of the cancellation notice date:

  •  More than 120 days before the beginning of the services: the entire paid amounts will refund, deducting the bank transfer commissions and the eventual air tickets.
  •  From 90 to 119 days before the beginning of the services: 70% of the deposit will not be refund.
  •  From 46 to 89 days before the beginning of the services: 100% of the deposit will not be refund.
  •  From 30 to 45 days before the beginning of the services: 60% of the total amount of the trip will not be refund.
  •  Less than 30 days before the beginning of the services: 100 % of the total amount of the trip will not be refund.

In the event that the booking of some services implies a payment, by Terra Maya, of an amount that cannot be refund by any circumstances whatsoever or any anticipation notice (air tickets, booking of some hotel packages or cruises according to specific politics of cancellation imposed by suppliers), the refund modalities expressed above will not be applied and shall be agreed on a case by case mode.

In the eventuality of a change in the number of participants, the fares will be reviewed and adapted to the new number of travellers.


2.2 During the stay

No reimbursement will be granted if the trip is interrupted, modified or cut short by the participant for any reason whatsoever. Any modification caused by the customer implying a change of service (hotel, transport, etc.) or program (duration of the trip, stops, etc.) will be charged. In the event of force majeure, please refer to point 9.    



Any claim concerning a tour (disagreement, non-fulfilment of a part of the tour, etc.) will have to be written down and sent to Terra Maya. Potential disputes will be settled amicably.

In case of complete disagreement, the tribunals of Mexico, country in which Terra Maya is based, will have jurisdiction.



By agreeing to travel with Terra Maya, all our customers are asked to subscribe to personal assistance insurance as well as to a trip cancellation coverage. All travellers must personally take out an insurance which gives assistance for repatriation. Most of credit cards allow you to receive one or two insurance(s): a travel insurance and an assistance agreement for repatriation. In the case whereby you have paid for your flight ticket with your credit card (Visa or American Express), or you have paid the deposit via our online payment system, you should normally be insured but it is your responsibility to make an inquiry about this subject with your bank. The decision to take or not these insurances is entire responsibility of the participants.

Terra Maya offers different kind of insurance. Please, contact us for more information.



Before confirming a tour, every customer must make sure to be in possession of a valid passport and/or other document(s) (national identity card, visa, authorization to leave the country, etc.) meeting the necessary requirements to transit through and/or enter the countries they will travel to. Every participant will take responsibility for obtaining all the documents required by the authorities of the visited countries (identity documents, authorizations, visas, vaccines, etc.). Information about the necessary administrative and/or health formalities are provided on Terra Maya’s website.

It is highly recommended to check the list of required documents with the relevant authorities before departure.

Ask the nearest embassy or consulate about the current customs formalities.

Terra Maya will not be held liable in case of delay or failure to provide valid documents. If a customer fails to present those documents, any fees and consequences shall be at his or her expense, and any trip cancelled, interrupted or cut short by the participant will not lead to any reimbursement or compensation whatsoever.


  1. RISKS

Every customer must be aware that, given the nature of the tours we organize, they may run some risks, mainly due to the distance from medical centers, the risky nature of some tours (especially treks, water sports, diving, drives in ATV’s, etc.). All customers assume such risks and commit not to place the responsibility on Terra Maya, the guides or service providers for any accident that might happen.

If circumstances so require and, in particular, in order to ensure the safety of the group but also for climatic reasons or unforeseen events, Terra Maya reserves the right to, directly or through one of its collaborator or service provider, modify a transfer, an accommodation, an itinerary or other service, as well as the dates or the times of departure, without the customer being entitled to any compensation.

Every participant must comply with safety rules and follow the instructions given by the guide or the service provider.

Terra Maya cannot be held liable for any accident due to the recklessness or carelessness of a participant.

Terra Maya reserves the right to expel from the group a member whose behavior might be considered as endangering the group’s safety and well-being. No compensation will be due.

If a participant refuses to comply with the indications of a guide, this one will make him sign a disclaimer of responsibility that will act the disagreement and will hold Terra Maya and the guide out of any possible legal proceedings.



Terra Maya cannot be held liable for any loss, theft or act of burglary committed during a tour.

Each customer is responsible for his or her personal belongings at all time. They must not be entrusted to a guide. They cannot undertake this responsibility.



Terra Maya cannot be held liable for a tour being modified due to air traffic disruptions or weather conditions. As far as possible, an alternative will be proposed. All resulting costs will be borne by the customer.



If external events out of Terra Maya’s control were to disrupt the running of the country (e.g. social or political unrest, natural disaster), Terra Maya reserves the right to cancel or modify the tour.

In case of cancellation, the deposit covering the pre-paid services will be held back. In case of route change, a new quote will be issued.



Prices in different currency than USD are based on exchange rate calculated at a particular moment. In case of sudden devaluation, Terra Maya reserves the right to re-evaluate the price of the tour. Furthermore, according to the law, Terra Maya may be under the obligation to modify prices and tours in order to adapt to:

  • Fluctuation in transport costs (usually related to fuel prices)
  • Variation in fees and taxes related to some services such as landing, embarkation or disembarkation fees.


The settlement of a deposit implies acceptance of the following conditions by the tour participants.


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